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Our Mission

We have made remarkable advances in science, technology and medicine. But as the pace of change increases, we must not lose sight of the future. We need to be forward-thinking and consider the legacy we are leaving our children and their children. They deserve a world they can thrive in: a healthy planet, the chance to grow, learn, be creative and fulfill their potential. It’s not a choice – it’s our responsibility.


人類在科學,技術及醫學領域,已取得卓越的進步,但世界變化的步伐愈來愈快,我們不能止步於此,忽視未來的需要。我們應該放眼將來,思考我們能為下一代留下 他什麼。他們值得擁有一個讓他們茁壯成長的世界,一個能讓孩子們成長,學習,發揮創意及潛能且宜人的地球環境,這是我們責無旁貸的。