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Interested in forming sustainable solutions and becoming a Lui-Walton Fellow? The 2018-19 application process starts soon

Yvonne Lui

“The environmental issues the world faces require a special class of leaders: Innovative thinkers who can apply their unique aptitudes, experiences and passions to help change the world and carve a new path to sustainability. I am pleased to have established the Lui-Walton Innovators Fellowship Program at Conservation International, alongside Melani and Rob Walton, to embolden Conservation International’s efforts to provide the sustainability solutions our global community seeks.” – Yvonne Lui 

Lui-Walton Fellows, academics, scientists, public and private sector leaders, independent scholars and policy analysts will offer dynamic and unconventional approaches to address existing barriers to sustainability and contribute to a shift in the valuation of nature. These fellowships will provide unparalleled opportunities for intensive focus and achievement at the intersection of climate, conservation, business and technology.

By engaging recognised leaders and emerging talent, the programme offers an unmatched opportunity to provide fresh thinking and extensive leadership to Conservation International’s (CI’s) work around the world. In a collaborative conservation environment, Distinguished and Senior Fellows serve as leaders throughout a two-year programme, during which time all participants work alongside Conservation International’s programme and field staff to address global conservation challenges. By strategically combining the skills and knowledge of both groups, the Lui-Walton Fellows are able to expand the breadth of their skills, gain valuable experience in their fields, and find innovative solutions together with CI programme staff and local partners.

The Lui-Walton Fellowship is distinguished by four key areas of opportunity: travel, access to resources, professional development and direct participation in CI programmes. Through this fellowship, innovative leaders have the chance to work with CI to tackle critical conservation challenges in priority areas around the world.